Sunday, July 31, 2022

Huntsman or hunter from Palmyra

 Salvete Omnes,

let us canter to Academia platform and Palmyra of the Parthian, Sassanian & Roman empires world. 

more than 2000 years ago camel and horse-riding Palmyrene traders with their caravans traversed the ocean of sand and rock deserts and dry steppes of eastern Syria and Arabian Peninsula -

The Archaeological Museum at Palmyra (Tadmor)  contains this stone relief showing a leopard hunt from horseback - a horse archer is shooting his arrows, carried in a saddle strapped gorytus, at the snarling feline.

Prof. Michal Gawlikowski uploaded his article titled Hunter (published in 2009) on this hunter from Palmyra - it can be had from academia.-  you can read it there or download it too.
 more sculptures showing trousers and leggings in the ancient Palmyrene art

 more about the ancient camel riders from the Syrian desert in the future, God willing.



 some Arabic proverbs about camels - here


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