Sunday, July 17, 2022

Petasos and Thessalian horsemen continued

 Salvete Omnes,


more about this ancient Greek horseman and their petasos hat (sort of early Latin American and Southwestern US hacendado 'sombrero' and then cowboy hat) 

just a short entry with a quote from prof, Nick Secunda -The Ancient Greeks. London 1986:


'[...] the Thessalians were the finest horsemen in Greece, and cavalry in Thessaly retained a prime importance in battle when it had become almost obsolete throughout the rest of the Greek mainland [not including Macedonia].
Thessalian riding dress was quite distinct , and adapted to the climate of the landlocked plain - very hot in summer, very cold in winter, thanks to the mountain-chains which surround it. The extravagantly wide-brimmed version of the Greek petasos, or sun hat, kept out the heat and dust of the plain, while , enveloping Thessalian cloak kept the wearer warm in winter but cool in summer. These two distinctive features of Thessalian dress are shown on a great number of Attic white-ground lekthoi which seem to show Athenian aristocrats dressed after the manner of their wealthy Thessalian counterparts. ' 

in these two lekthoi images you can see the realistically painted wide brimmed hat, chlamys, javelins, riding boots etc

to be continued


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