Friday, September 25, 2020

Arms of the Slavic Warriors from Triglav

 Salvete Omnes,


perhaps you may recall  that last March Winged Hussar Publishing published already the third volume  of the Slavic and Viking Ornamental Design from  the Wydawnictwo Triglav  in Szczecin, Poland.

     This month to my surprise I received from Igor Górewicz his newest opus - O Broni Słowian (The Arms and Armor of the Slavic Warriors) - brand new huge  hardcover with lots of text, black and white illustrations and color photos.

I am yet to read it wholly but perusing it already has given me lots of ideas for my own future drawings and painting etc, and yes! there is a very tasty chapter on horses, horse riding, horse tack etc.
     But more importantly I also learned that this large volume - 670plus pages  - will be translated and published in the English speaking world by the same Winged Hussar Publishing,

So you can grab a Polish copy directly from Triglav or wait some yet unknown number months to get your English version.

Nota bene you can listen  - if you understand Polish - to some of the most excellent - learning and entertaining about the pagan Slavs and their world in south-western Baltic lowlands -  historic storytelling presented by Igor Gorewicz on his YT channel - Triglav2002

'Sława'- :)



Vavča said...

This is a very good news indeed, Slavic warriors are long time missing in academic literature. Do You know, if there will there also ships? I was intrigued by article how Slavic warriors on ships (Vindaskipy) looted Danish Roskilde. One Vindaskip could bring 44 soldiers, 2 horses. We never had this chapter of history in archeological courses on university. In total, that block of subjects was very confused from Near East Summer, BA Hungary You would skip into medieval period. Dark Age Britain, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia, no Slavic at all, or Avars, etc. But perhaps after some year are these courses better linked from ancient times to medieval. Pilsen university back then made project in Iraw Irbil, from Assyrian layers till 12th AD, but I didn't see books yet.Theme of Slavic warriors, Avars is missing in Czech space, not to mention we have unpublished or unknown Cimmerian artifacts and so called vezekrug culture from Early Iron Age, again books are missing. But National museum of Czech Republic, Slovakia promised some new monography till 5 years, because Cimmerian items are in Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland... During the years I saw only one article for army of Great Moravia... so much to the Slavic warfare.

Dario T. W. said...

yes, indeed - it is great news !
Per ships I am not sure, perhaps - they are very busy studying the subjects very closely.
I think there has been at least one book published on the Great Moravia history and civilization in Poland, there is also a biography of Svatopluk I the Great by Witold Chrzanowski( I have it) , and there was an album published by Triglav in conjunction with the Piast Museum in Poznan, derived from a large exhibit there, I think.
there are more books on the mythology and believes of the pagan Slavs, Igor does really great vlog on those military and religious subject.

Vavča said...

I still didn't find this book on Amazon, or website of Do You know, if the English version of book would be released soon? Send me a link, this book must be part of my library, I have quite a lot sources for Byzantine armies, and some missing books in list. Slavs in military history are really white space in academic literature.

Dario T. W. said...

I am afraid the book, due to the Mysharonacirrus et al, will not be publish anytime soon in English or any other language but Polish. I will let you know, sure thing. But you can read it in Polish I daresay?
there will be a Polish book on the Boleslaw's expedition to Bohemia AD 1110 this coming May, I think. Last year there was a book published on the the Boleslaw I the Great expedition to Praha AD 1004.
and you can check the links for the archeologists I provided in my latest posting from today.

Anonymous said...

Vavča: Any progress in publishing this book?

Dario T. W. said...

Hello Vavca - yes, there is - I think the editing has been done and it went for the second and third reading. fingers crossed it will come out this summer - :)