Friday, May 27, 2022

Korea Kingdoms and their horsemen

Salvete Omnes,

Korea (the whole peninsula back then)  - almost 1,800 through 1000 years ago - was the land of horsemen, horse archers and armored warriors and their horses.



The  warriors  - of Gaya Confederacy, Goguryeo Kingdom , Silla etc -  wore metal cuirasses and helmets and were armored lance wielding  horsemen and horse archers.

interesting cuirasses of the period - 






and swords


nota bene  I do enjoy Korean historical and fantasy  movies and TV series

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Kingdom of Benin horse and warrior

Salvete Omnes,

I do not know much about the ancient and pre-colonial sub-Saharan African cultures, especially when comes to horse and horse warriors. 

From the Wiki Commons repository of various museums collections I selected various photos of the so called Benin bronzes, collection of artworks created in the pre-colonial Kingdom of Benin, abolished by old good British guns and bayonets at the end of the XIX century.

Hence the Benin bronzes warriors represent in  the martial art of the Edo people of present day southern Nigeria, from the XV century though XVII century etc :

I wonder what horses they used - some sort of mixes of horses from the North Africa, Sahel, like Dongola and Barb, and the more central African breeds like  Poney Mousseye and Old Nigerian Pony? 

Nota bene immortal Angus McBride painted Benin people and their Oba (kings) in his illustrations.  


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Taq-e-Bostan - Sassanians hunting stags

 Salvete Omnes,

and the last visit to Iran with Robert Ker Parker in 1820s, this time sir Robert drew the king and his court hunting stags or male deer. 

we  are faced with a visual royal narrative carved on the side of the mountain rock at Taq-e-Bostan, on the opposite side of the wild bear hunt relief. Khosrow II is hunting the deer - 

So this Taq-e-Bostan stag hunting - I think the great king is hunting a fallow deer - shows the ritual of organized, courtly hunt, subject to many artworks in the history of art.


Ker Porter - horses, soldiers and cossacks

 Salvete Omnes

Sir Robert Ker Porter, British traveler and author, left some historical images of horsemen & cavalrymen of the Napoleonic wars period.

Here I corralled some from wiki commons collections -


Taq-e-Bostan hunt - Sassanians

 Salvete Omnes,

let us canter to ancient Persia - long. long time ago - here you can go and see - I posted some images from the Taq-e-Bostan Sassanian relieves drawn by Robert Ket Porter and published in his book: "Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, ancient Babylonia, &c. &c. during the years 1817, 1818, 1819, and 1820.'' - incidentally this work was published in London in 1822, two hundred years ago[sic!].
In this Jstor article you can borrow this article on the costumes carved in the Taq-e-Bostan Sassanian artwork.

The subject matter is the king of kings Khosrow II's hunt for wild boar, vaaraz of the ancient Iranians, one of the most dangerous wild animals out there. The great king hunts without his horse and instead there are the elephants, of the western Asian variety, 

Hunt for wild boar with bows, while 'riding' boats and elephants - as drawn by Ker Porter

photos from wiki commons, and book page from the volume from the wold library