Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Maffet Ledger - Cheyenne warriors counting coup and capturing horses

 Salvete Omnes,


a quick canter to the  grassy pages of the Maffet Ledger -  1880s ledger being a collection of drawings done by various Southern and Northern Cheyenne warriors from Oklahoma - it is held at Metropolitan Museum of Arts in NYC

Feats of prowess, including counting coups and capturing horses -  all about the martial culture of the Cheyenne warriors of those epic times as seen through their own eyes. 

and I would like to point you to this fine book - Counting Coup and Cutting Horses: Intertribal Warfare on the Northern Plains, 1738-1889 by Anthnony McGinnis.. - fantastic study of the Plains Indians inter-tribal warfare. 

It can be borrowed [sic!] from Archive World Library or be purchased too - eg Amazon.


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