Sunday, April 24, 2011

A couple of newer sketches

I have been playing with MyPaint a lot - and lately my favorite brushes have been Devaad4's watercolor set and Tanda's one, so please allow me to show you some of my sketches related to these brushes, all still in progress but for the dragoon officer.
A new sketch started yesterday - I think it will be a second half XVI century knight or hussar, yet to be determined :)

A dragoon officer based on sources from mid XVII century - thanks to Michal Kadrinazi and his fine blog, where the color version of  the sketch happily landed as illustration for his article on Polish-Lithuanian dragoon uniforms (more sketches will follow as this subject is ripe for plucking )

And another 'pan hussar' in making, his final appearance yet to be determined, including additional figure or figures.

The Modern Art of Taming Wild Horses by Rarey

short and sweet :)
for all enthusiasts of the history of horse training: of the most interesting books on horse 'taming' has been  The Modern Art of Taming Wild Horses by John Solomon Rarey print version from wikipedia - , from in various formats for download , with illustrations and even an  audio version can be had to here (although authorship 'taken' on by  Mr. Kincaid, yet it is the same book from 1858 AD)
This book is a rare treasure - do enjoy :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wesolego Smigusa Dyngusa, Happy Easter, Feliz Pasquas

 finally Spring has come to our Northern Hemisphere and with it Easter -Па́сха,  and also Smigus Dyngus (Easter Monday/Dyngus Day обливаний понеділок ) - old Slavic pagan ritual

Happy Easter, happy Passover, Joyful Smigus Dyngus -  health, good fortune and prosperity to all; do bless and exchange your pisanki with family and friends :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Horsemanship pro is back

just wanted to share with you the news that my most favorite horsemanship site (acidic language, irony and satire at times with huge amount of first-hand knowledge)  is back on line - Ludvik K. Stanek and his writings on ridding, on history of horsemanship, aids, historic and modern dressage and  saddles and many more

Interesting art news - the epic Shahnameh depicted in a  portfolio from XVI century Iran  was sold at Sotheby for a record sum, and here you can see one of the pages - shah Tahmasp's Safavid period costumes, weapons , horse-tack and fabulous argamaks -
be back with usual historical blog later on this month, after Easter or so - please stay put, thanks
I finally bought a horse bow - Korean Samick SKB 55 pounds and we have been shopping for a horse or two - amongst other worthy mounts and potential future equine companions we saw a 14 hands pregnant Kiger mustang mare (with a Paint stalion offspring) - what a conformation on that horse, Dios mio.. Anyway, I guess I  am on my way to do some horsearchery this summer, first time since I left Poland :)
very interesting site for breeders -

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tolstaya Mogila Kurgan - article and films

a quick entry today -
I want to share with you several finds from the Internet related to the famous pectoral from on of the Pontic steppe kurgans (barrows) - Tolstaya Mogila Kurgan (or the Tovsta Mohyla Barrow)

Great article on the subject with good images -
 Another take on the Pectoral
 An English language book to read related to this amazing piece of art, and the Scythian art in general,  is the work by a scholar named Esther Jacobson - The Art of the Scythians
MET article on the 'Scythian' excavations in Soviet Union, including the 1971 Tolstaya Mogila kurgan excavation.

Ukrainian language article on the Pectoral as the symbol of the  Scythian Mythology/religion
Films on youtube -
1. Пектораль - in Russian - history of discovery
2 in Ukrainian.
3. and short film on the Scythian imagery in gold relief -