Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Urartu horsemen from Van Museum, Turkiye

 Salvete Omnes,

browsing the vastness of Wiki Commons I cam across some great photos from a museum in Turkey/Turkiye - Van Museum

these are dioramas showing the ancient inhabitants of the Lake Van region kingdom - the kingdom of Urartu - and the Urartu people, some of the fierce and skilled highlanders (the Armenian Highlands) of Anatolia's ancient and multi-ethnic past.
During the Iron Age the Urartians, on their western edges, became the arch-enemies of the New Assyrian state. Perhaps this article of your interest - the Origin of the  Ruling Elites of Urartu. & War and identity in the early history of Urartu.

breeders of fine horses - the Assyrians if victorious in their raids and wars against Urartu always demanded horses as booty and tribute


women of Urartu -from Academia

artefacts - 

their chariots

chariots & horsemen etc on their warriors' bronze belts

horse protection

a bronze shield

T. Daryaee - The Fall of Urartu and the Rise of Armenia.
The king Rusa II, his cities and the end of Urartu.


I would like to visit these sites one of these days, perhaps must  make a Turkiye trip soon. 


Saturday, April 13, 2024

Spinola, Bocquoy & Velasco - siege of Rheinberg from del Prado

 Salvete Omnes,

a fine Saturday one could say, as the World War III yet have not started - Go willing never will, but let us pray for peace in the Holy Land, Europe and the rest of the world.

as rem, it is going to be about some heavy lance cavalry on war footing in the early XVII century western Europe, the town of Rheinberg on the banks of that great European river - the Rhine.
Museo del Prado, in Madrid, Kingdom of Spain-EU, has this painting -  Asedio de la villa de Rinsbarch (Rheinberg), circa 1601AD?

During the 80 Years War - when the Dutch rebelled against their Spanish Hapsburg kings and for many years fought against the Hapsburg armies until  independence in 1622AD.

in 1601 AD this Lower Rhine river town had been 'passing,' by means of conquest and reconquest, between the forces of Dutch and the Spanish armies starting at least in 1588AD through 1633, and in this instance  Rheinberg had been put under siege by the Hapsburg forces under Ambrogio Spignola, who had in his officer core de Bucquoy and Louis de Velasco. 


interesting details can be find in this painting - quite a lot of cavalry, especially lance cavalry supplied by Spignola and his subcommanders.

lance company or banner under de Velasco

ferrying horses across the river


in the foreground a dappled horse with a tied tail ridden side-saddle by a woman


we can see here the size of the lances and manner of holding them


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Alexander sarcophagus in the Istanbul Archaeological Museums - hunt on short side

 Salvete omnes,

and the final side of the Alexander Sarcophagus from Istanbul Archaeological Museums - the panther  hunt  


Alexander sarcophagus in the Istanbul Archaeological Museums - hunt on the long side

Salvete Omnes,

the long side of the sarcophagus - shows a  lion  and stag hunt - done by both Macedonians and Persians