Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Klushino 1610

 Salvete Omnes,

precisely yesterday but in AD 1610 Polish Crown grand hetman Stanislaw Zolkiewski leading a small but chosen army defeated the Muscovite army near the village of Klushino. 

It was a grand victory... and led to some momentous changes in Eastern Europe.
Today I was looking at the Wiki Commons- Sigismund III Vasa gallery and became pleasantly surprised to 'discover' this image - attributed to Monogrammist ASL and showing our king victorious with Smolensk in the background.

this well  known print (made after the lost Tommaso Dolabella painting) : 

some details from the drawing:
winged hussar

Old Polish Kozak cavalry
winged hussars banner
Rotameister or  a captain of Polish hajduk infantry or a field commander ordering infantry to action [I 'mirrored' the detail from the original drawing ]


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