Sunday, May 31, 2015

Saying bye bye to May

rather cold month of May will be over today, and only 22 more days until the summer - great, cannot wait for some heat and sunshine together , and you?

I finished reading To Hell on a fast Horse and then watched again Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid film by Sam Peckinpah, oh what a great movie in therms of camera work and light and color. I wish I could attach here some captured screen shots from the movie, but our more than  'ludicrous' copyright laws prevent me from doing so...

I just love the cinematography & photography of the director, and care not a bit about his problems with alcochol, temper or firing actors.
I watched the 2005 restored version, and quite enjoed the audio scholarly discussion included of the DVD.  Bob Dylan music score was also very pleasing, but I just prefer Ennio Morricone's compositions in this respect. De gustibus non disputandum est  - comes immediately to my lips - :)
So watching Sam Peckinpah's movies with an idea to study his visual appraoch to scene sellection, colors and numerous portraits of his caracters certainly may give many ideas to any an arstist, sharpen your eye and even give some ideas for own work... Next,  I think I am going to re-watch the Wild Bunch, and a couple more of his 'westerns.'

I have been busy working on some illustrations crica the Great Northern War and just finsihed a piece of article to go along, so tomorrow is my children's day June 1, and I shall relax.
 By the way, I wonder if anyone has a larger scan of photo of this painting by Rugendas, showing king Jan III Sobieski, a victorious commander at Vienna 1683? Much appreciated for i wodner about these figures in the distant battleground. would like to study them etc.

 enjoy it too