Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Article on a late medieval fighter's motion and energy cost of locomotion

Medieval knights and their world have been the focus of many modern studies and I would like to share with you this very interesting article, the fruit of cooperation between various researchers and disciplines that is free to download and to study at your own leisure.
The subject matter is the armour and its use in the XV century, the approach presented can be summarized  via the statement by the XV century master of arms Pedro/Pietro Monte who listed the most important armor qualities: 'lightness, protection and freedom of movement.'
some images from the Talhoffer Fechtbuch (MS XIX.17-3) by the German master Hans Talhoffer available via the great HEMA alliance project


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Muzeum Łowiectwa i Jeździectwa in Warszawa - Polish late XVIII century saddle

during my trip to Warsaw this month I visited another museum, the Hunting and Horseback Riding Museum, located at the edge of the Royal Łazienki Park complex.
I went there because of but one artifact they have there - namely, a small late XVIII century saddle that has all the appearances of a Polish common saddle of the period. Piotr M. Zalewski, M.A., from the Polish National in Warsaw and  who should publish a book in English on the Polish National cavalry (Kawaleria Narodowa) next year,  has an extensive chapter about the late Polish cavalry equipment, including tack and saddles, in his forthcoming book.

full view

another full view


another view of the cantle

under the 'hood'

front with bars showing



Monday, August 22, 2016

Sketches - Roman horse theme

a some Roman horse theme etc


Sketches - some Saka etc


some more of the Saka/Parthian/Bactria etc


Sketches - some Old Poland theme

and some more of my sketches in Old Poland theme


Sketches - Parthian theme

Ushta Te, -:)
continuing with sketches
a Parthian and ancient Iranian theme, the Parthian varieties after the Tang-e-Sarvak carvings

quick sketch of a Scythian/Skudra


Sketches - Old Poland theme

Salvete Omnes,

it has been a while since I posted some sketches - so there are some - most pen, brush and paint

after Angus McBride's Babur

my little daughter's notes :)


playing with MarekSzyszko's sketch