Monday, July 4, 2011

Cornucopia of Plains Indian research - Arnie Brownstone's site

a quick notice to all who like to read on the Plains Indians culture, artifacts and history -  Royal Ontario Museum's website has a section devoted to the works of one of its curators - Mr. Arnie Brownstone ROM curators brownstone
Every article, presented in a 'pdf' format, is but a goldmine of information to many a student of Plains Indians.
Also, to all the 'fans' of the famous Lakota Sioux leader and shaman Sitting Bull, there is a rare glimpse into some of his surviving regalia, namely the headdress, shirt and other personal artifacts Sitting Bull once used - podcast rom media podcastsSitting Bull headdress

a quick sketch after a painted war record robe image of a warrior on horseback from the ROM Mr Brownstone's page.
Two days ago I started a Wikipedia entry dedicated to the Mandan and Hidatsa women society known as White Buffalo Cow Society and the entry already has been nicely developing into a full blown article White_Buffalo_Cow_Society  
Also expanded on this Lakota Sioux personage of many sorts ;) - American Horse the younger  and earlier created this entry on one of Piast early family members Czcibor

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