Monday, January 26, 2015

Anatoly Telenik - paintings & sketches

this year is still new -:) so I am planning to start a new theme - contemporary painters and illustrators , in whose art horses and history are featured.
I am going to start this theme with Anatoly F. Telenik (А. Ф. Теленик), Ukrainian painter who lives and works in the south of Ukraine, near the Black Sea. We should remember and reflect that presently in the south eastern Ukraine there is war,  this bloody awful, needless, foreign-influenced and terrible war  that is wrecking lives, causing death, havoc and misery in peoples' lives as we speak.
                     Let us not forget Ukraine in our prayers for peace.

    Mr. Telenik kindly allowed me to show some of his sketches and details of his larger paintings.
Anatoly is very prolific, paints, usually in oil, many historical subjects ranging from Medieval, Early Modern and Napoleonic periods, as well as still lives, landscapes, figurative art and any other subject he sees fit to touch his brushes to, as long as there is time to do it. His historical paintings, especially related to the Napoleonic Wars figure prominently in many collections, while they have been reproduced in numerous books (eg 1812 war  as in this publication) and magazines in Ukraine, Russia etc.
Below details from anatoly's Napoleonic paintings, battles of Eylau and Borodino.

I love this art related to our common history - the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, - for we, Poles and Ukrainians share some proud history together, and hopefully will share some more in the future :)

So then more  winged hussars and Zaporozhian Cossacks.

In my opinion Mr. Telenik's art rightfully falls within the greatest of this genre - Juliusz and Wojciech Kossak, Jozef Brandt, and Józef Chełmoński etc.


today I read that Demis Roussos died on Sunday (25.01.2015) - pacem aeternam, great artist.

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