Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Saka Scythian sketches

some sketches of the Saka/Scythians

Arms and armour of the nomads of the Southern Urals in this Russian article researcher Vasilliev armament/armament-and-warfare-of-south-urals-nomads-6-2bc

academic Chernienko - Scythian archers - in Russian - Skifian bowmen
I freely admit I have been giving links to many wikipedia articles, I even participate from time to time in some article creation, but I must say that we have got to take wikipedia articles, when on history, ethnography and anthropology... and horse, with a grain of salt, as the information there may change daily - and here you can see an interesting film on wikipedia, internet and 'two sides of the coin' when comes to wikipedia's neutrality, veracity and quest for authority youtube truth according to wikipedia

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