Friday, July 1, 2011

Saka/Scythian saddled horse sketch

its is summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, and on this nice day of July 1 I would like to share with you my sketch of a Saka/Scythian horse. For the saddle blanket I used the one from Pazyryk, Altai Mountain in Siberia,
I wrote about Scythian/Saka horse tack here nomad-horse-saddle-and-bit , but you can read further about the Pazyryk culture here hermitage Pazyryk and artifacts from Pazyryk here pazyryk   Since the finds at Pazyryk by Rudenko (well, the official discovery, for the kurgans were looted in the past, of any gold and precious materials) brought to us astonishing world of Eurasian nomads almost 2,500 old, some of the most interesting aspects have been the textiles - here article on the Pazyryk_Carpet  
Here an UNESCO publication about the preservation of the frozen kurgans of Pazyryk Pazyryk

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