Friday, July 1, 2011

Glossarium Alte Rerum Polonorum link

 just wanted to share a link - king Jan III Sobieski's former residence now a Museum Palace in Wilanow in Warsaw, Poland on its website published a glossy of Old Poland military equipment  in form of painted illustrations done by a Polish artist Bohdan Wroblewski, painted circa 1983, and  line drawings  by other artists, each plate with a side description, albeit in Polish only, glossarium
I have the set painted by Wroblewski in 1983 for the anniversary of the Vienna 1683 (prior to Richard Brzezinski's books for Osprey) and the light cavalry and infantry plates of that set are missing in the Museum's glossarium...
Enjoy perusing :)
Wroblewski's light cavalryman:

Wroblewski's Hussar companion:

ps. on this day July 1, but A.D. 1569 Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was legally started .... here a Great 'Chorąży' of the Polish Crown with the Royal Banner of king Sigismund III Vasa

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