Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pancerny 'jezdziec' sketch I

In my former posts I started addressing the other  Old Poland (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) kozak/pancerny cavalry..
 Circassians and others
 Pancerny sketch
 Lithuanian towarzysz kozacki
 Pancerny pen sketch
 Pancerny with an eagle
 Pancerny- winter

Here I started a sketch based on some Circassian noble photo from XIX century - and perhaps I will relate a story or two from Jan Pasek's book when this image will be finished...
When I draw or paint, be it canvass, paper or computer, I like to listen to music, and my favorite music is ''la guitarra'' (acoustic guitar), especially Spanish guitar music,  typically if played by Paco de Lucia, Paco Peña etc, but I also like other masters like McLaughlin or DiMeola (here Paco de Lucia with these two three masters )  so let me share a link with you to almost  hour long concert of two guitar masters:John McLaughlin and Paco De Lucia tear it up at Friedburg, Germany

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