Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eurasian nomadic warriors in sketches

I am going to finish today's outpouring with some progress sketches of my beloved Eurasian nomads, the Scythians...


Jan said...

Lots of interesting and cool updates lately!

I'm enjoying these sketches, but I've been wondering - is there perhaps a book I could buy with finished illustrations done by you?

Dario T. W. said...

Salve Jan,
I have not done any work for publishing since Radk Sikora's book last year -,z-dziejow-husarii
there is the Ancient Warfare magazine vol I, issue 4 2008, Osprey's ''Shadows in the Desert, Persia at War''
Lubieszow 1577,lubieszow-17-iv-1577
and some other work eg,filippi-23-x-42-p-n-e or,ajgospotamoj-405-r-p-n-e
pa ka

Philip said...

Great work!!
Especially the last one with the typical Scythian helmet and copied or modified (neck collar somewhat higher than the Greek one and the armor consisting of several leather pieces)Greek Linothorax is very interesting to me.
I would like to know if you really meant a normal Greek Linothorax or that you changed deliberately bits as to mean that the warrior modified the armor for his own purpose (better fit, greater protection,..)
If you have a source for the armor, can you please let me know? The info. would be very welcome.
As the warrior is wearing a Linotharox I suppose you meant the warrior to be a member of the Royal Scyths, who had great contacts with the Greeks?
Hope you can answer my questions. Especially the Linothorax intriges me very much.


Dario T. W. said...

thank you for your comments - I will try to answer your queries with a blog entry with some drawings etc