Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some newer sketches

it is a lazy summer, with the skies full of amazing clouds and violent rainstorms..
I have been working on my 'problem horse'  - yesterday we did 2 hours of bareback pad (with a inch thick fleece saddle bad underneath - got it from ) training in the arena (using only a bosal) and on the prairie, and since she is a bony back owner, (but high withers)therefore my own backside is a bit sore :).. (no one to take pictures of us :( ) Now I know what Xenophon was talking about when he  advocated using this horse  ''[ ...]The point of the shoulder being high renders the seat of the rider more secure, and makes the shoulder appear more firmly attached to the body. A double spine is both much softer to sit upon, and more pleasing to the eye, than a single one.''
However, curious to experiment I was working on the ancient way of riding, with lower legs far back on her belly and upper body a bit leaning forward when cantering or galloping... it is very educational. But I must stress the fact here that  all these ancient Scythian, Saka, Assyrian, Mede, Persian, Greek, Iberian, early Celtic etc riders must have been amazing horsemen.
Ad rem,  I would like tot share with you some sketches

Ciao, rebiata :)

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