Thursday, December 2, 2021

Yuan equestrian art - ceramics

 Salvete Omnes,

snowy and frosty winter out there - I guess it must be the fabled global warming in the Northern Hemisphere. 

ad rem, from the great galleries of wiki commons- Yuan Dynasty equestrian figurines -
as you may have read here I enjoy the long Chinese history, and I read and watch about that history as much as I can.
The Yuans awere particular in many respects, and their art is part of the greater Chinese art heritage, as it was  the fusion of many elements that came to a happy fruition: the steppe patrons and their expectations, steppe artists and Han Chinese artisans, who all together  gave raise to the Yuan Dynasty art.
We should note here that  this foreign Chingizid Borjigin dynasty upon conquering various states and empires across the  land unified the  entire China for the first time since the demise Tang Dynasty.

So, some of these equestrian ceramics are corralled here: 


camel drummer

horse carriage and escort:

pack horses with folded chairs

and please find this short article on and about the Marco Polo's description of the military affairs of the Yuan Dynasty


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