Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Yamnaya Culture & face reconstruction

 Salvete Omnes,

the short entries rule - :) 

so here we go with yet another video link this week and month (and I dare say not the last one, some 2 days are still left of this month of Omicron... sorry..  December 2021) 
- nota bene I am awaiting my new drawing and painting tablet-monitor and doing some painting on canvas and paper (thanks to my loved ones and their generous gift giving).

So there is a channel on YouToube - Survive the Jive - and Tom Rowsell, the content creator, provides many an interesting video presentation  there.
This is the link to his Yamnaya video that is quite informative and entertaining while educational (and vice versa - :) ). The video provides the facial reconstruction of the Yamanay individuals reconstructed by Robert Moylneaux .

 Thuletide site has an article that also provides a link to this video and the facial reconstructions( using Gerasimov method)  of the Yamanaya male warriors (?).  You can watch on their site or go straight to YT.

Also, a British magazine article about the Yamnaya and their milk proclivities, so to speak. 

Nota bene - this is a very interesting illustrator using Twitter as his vehicle for spreading his art - Graman and his art. 



Dario T. W. said...

another fascinating people and their reconstruction via Gerasimov's method

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