Saturday, December 18, 2021

Dr David Anthony on migrations in prehistoric Eurasia Steppe

 Salvete Omnes,

Today I came across this interview with dr David Anthony, one of my most favorite researchers on the prehistoric horses and Eurasian steppe people  - How ancient DNA revived ancient migrations in archaeology.

[Abstract]  Among archaeologists, until recently migration was regarded as a simplistic (at best) and even racist (at worst) way to explain culture change in the ancient past. Ancient DNA recovered from prehistoric humans has shown, however, that our ancestors moved long distances in demographically significant migrations that had profound effects on food, gender, architecture, and regional genetics. Integration between modern migration studies and archaeological interpretation is necessary to better inform archaeologists about the dynamics of these encounters. 

Nota bene his 1990 article - Migration in Archaeology 

and the most recent article available 'libre' -   Dairying enabled Early Bronze Age Yamnaya steppe expansions (Nature). 


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