Thursday, December 30, 2021

Marija Gimbutas lectures from the Oriental Institute

 Salvete Omnes,

yet again more links to videos and archive books: 
The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago made available three memorial lectures on and about Marija Gimbutas life and her Kurgan hypothesis in relation to the DNA research. 

three lectures in order presented:

Colin Renfrew -  lecture  2018 

Petra Goedegebuure - lecture 2020  - on the Hittite branch of the Indo-Europeans

Ruth Tringham - lecture 2021

and some books on the archive world library  by Gimbutas, including plenty of books you can borrow:

The Balts (1963)

Bronze Age cultures in Central and Eastern Europe (1965)

The Living Godessess .. 

Civilization of the Goddess


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