Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tocharians - shenanigans with the genetic studies?

 Salvate Omnes,

regarding the linguistic group known  as the Tocharians, the easternmost branch of the Indoeuropean language family? after 1700BC (we are the People of the Horse), and before the Ancient North Eurasians(ANE) :

I read this article with disbelief -  

and then I found this article in contra  to the 'science ' presented -

and then this article about the shenanigans allegedly  perpetrated in this estimable institution? 


uff, there is science and there is politics(in my other career I have seen FBI labs engaged in some 'strang'e behavior regarding DNA & contaminated evidence in criminal proceedings), there is law and there is political trial (like in the Soviet or Communist China cases) , American case in point may be the Kyle Rittenhouse' trail in Kenosha, Wisconsin (currently, i.e., since this morning  the jury deliberation have been taking place).

anyway, back to the story - this researcher has the following article - Don't believe everything you read in peer reviewed papers.
and per my fellow Poles and our ancestry - a little in size but large in content article with a very vigorous discussion under the article. And the larger site - Khazaria - where Polish DNA ancestry is discussed -

and some images from the famous Kizil Caves
These Tarim basin caves, in the Chinese  Xinjiang autonomous region, are  the UNESCO site these days.


and some Gok Turks



Dario T. W. said...


“Abstract This research project puts forward an entirely new viewpoint on the prehistory of the Yellow River area and the evidence for it: the civilization of the Yellow River is not a result of an independent evolution, but of the impact of a foreign upon a native culture.

The Yellow Emperor’s nation held the middle reaches of the Yellow River because of their strong force, but they consolidated, expanded, and continued their rule in China by accepting the indigenous agricultural culture. The occupying nation was a branch of the Proto-Indo-European.

This paper tries to reveal the historical facts with the evidence of archeology, ancient documents, and historical linguistics.”

Jan said...

Thuletide is a neonazi blog, so excuse me if I don't bother with anything they have to say.
Nonetheless, this study had nothing to do with Tocharians, who are a linguistic group attested some 2500 years after the mummies being DNA tested.
The study's results are a bit surprising, but there's nothing "shenanigany" about them.

Jan said...

Like the main thing he's so mad about is that the article called people he thinks looked "white" an "asian" population.
Wow, how awful and wrong...for some reason.
The blog has a section for "race realism" for fucks sake.
Come on.

Jan said...

From the comments:

"the very implication of a caucasoid-looking, yet 80% or more ANE population has major implications in favour of a white, almost nordicist worldview; "

Surely, a totally normal thing a not-white-supremacist would say.

Dario T. W. said...

well Jan,
the whole thing - i.e. Harvard woke folks and their shenanigans in the fields of social sciences and history and archaeology etc - reeks of political correctness wrapped in the cancel culture and playing cosily to the Chinese Communist regime.

I like physical anthopology and controvensial topics, so no worries, I am interested in various opinions, especially those that are rather politiciezed easily and have been subject to politics (like the PRoCh hiding the Tarim mummies as reported or narrated per Mair et consortes reports from the 1990s)
I would like to learn more why that blog and their analysis earned a name of the neo-nazi.
They are definitely a non-leftist blog (eg this post - https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/03/20/the-history-of-cultural-marxism/ ) hence in the common parlance of our days they could easily earn this slur of being the neo-nazi?

Like the Polish folks marching in Polish cities celebrating Polish independence day have been portrayed by the glorious free British and American etc media for these 10 or so years?

Or something else...
Pray explain, although perhaps via email, since I wanna 'stay close' to the horses and the People of the Horse in general

Dario T. W. said...

https://thuletide.wordpress.com/about-2/ - this is who the author/authors would like to be perceived as -
The most frequently asked question I get is “what ideology do you identify with?” The simple answer is that I don’t. You could call me a Conservative, Traditionalist, Reactionary, Paleo-Con, and so on, it really doesn’t matter to me. All Right-Wing thought converges towards one end — the natural, organic society — and certain fundamental truths. There are only so many ways to say “I’m pro: family, religion, ethnocentrism/nationalism, private property, free enterprise (unless it betrays the nation), hierarchy, strength, beauty, nature, etc., and anti: usury, immigration, etc.” Perhaps the most accurate descriptor is “grumpy small-town Reactionary,” like J. R. R. Tolkien.

I don’t particularly care for economics or subscribe to any singular economic ideal, but my views are probably closest to those of Distributists. However, I know that such a system is completely unimplementable in this era due to modern technology. The biggest economic issue of our era is the ever-expanding technological system itself.