Thursday, November 25, 2021

Hungarian Hussars from Esztergom

 Salvete Omnes,

there is a group on Facebook titled 'Szlafrokow Romowy' (for reenactors , historians, and aficionados interested in the Old Poland and her neighbours costumes and attires) and Tomasz Rejf, one of the members of the group and an avid XVII century reenactor and researcher, has provided this link to the British Museum scan of a drawing (pen and ink, and watercolor) by Jacob Hoefnagel, Flemish artist, showing the vista of the Hungarian city of Esztergom circa 1595AD.

In that picture, in the right hand corner there are three hussars or lancers astride fine prancing horses and with all that finery that made Hungarian and Polish winged  hussars so picturesque, each with a different hussar lance. 

Wiki Commons has a scan of a print that was based, mast likely, on the Hoefnagel's drawing.

enjoy studying the images 



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