Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Willem van Nieulandt some details

 Salvete Omnes,

while perusing the wiki commons I come across this Baroque  Netherlandish painter Willem van Nieulandt from Antwerp.


Christmas is but a mere 30 odd days away, so first his painting showing Adoration of Magi - 

then a biblical theme - Jacob Returning to Caanan - and the detail from this work showing quite contemporary to the artist horse, its saddle and tack, a very lare curb-bit.

A Landscape with amorous shepherds - lots of cows, and a peasant cart in the background (too bad no higher resolution availble)

And a solitary horse from the painting showing ancient Rome, with the temple of Vesta and tomb of Porsenna

Master van Nieulandt was a prolific draughtsman and engraver (and a poet-writer), non-horse but a very amazing engraving


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