Monday, May 4, 2020

The Twelfth Century Horse & Rider I

Salvete Omnes,
I would like to collect on my blog this gallery of XII century Medieval horse and rider images, or related to the use of horse and other equids, and occasionally even the bovines used in transportation.
I already made three posts about the Magi where several images each from St. Albans Psalter Psalter of Saint Louis and Codex Bruchsal from Karlsruhe (but since more of the pertinent illumination are there  I will return to them too).

I am going to start with the illuminations from Madrid Skylizes - sometime during the XII century these illuminations were painted by a School of Miniaturists (?) in one of the monasteries in or around Messina (the linked article argues for the Messina Orthodox Monastery of the Saviour), Sicily, and those copious miniatures are illustrating the Byzantine chronicler Ioannis Skylitzes'  'Synopsis of Histories' or the Eastern Roman Empire history.

The illuminations showing the Eastern Romans aka Byzantine rulers and their enemies artistically and stylistically combine the Byzantine, Arabic/Saracen (like the horse tack and furusiyya motives), and the Western or Italo-Norman? elements .





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