Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Ring bits from The Loriner & Juan Segundo

Salvete Omnes,
short post on the morisco bit series.
While perusing my book Bits and Bridles by dr G.A. Malm, I came accross a reference to the XIX century book titled The Loriner : opinions and observations on bridle-bits and the suitable bitting of horses, with illustrations by Benjamin Latchford- (1871). Mr Latchford makes reference to a book by a Spanish writer and specialist don Juna Segundo.
On the world library site The Archive you can actually study and enjoy this work, it is freely available.
Don Juan Segundo book on horse riding and bits  also available freely there.

So, among many varieties of bits and stirrups there are two ring bits, or the Spanish name goes: the Morisco bit.

The Turkish ring bit

Mameluke rRing bit


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