Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Magi in Journey - Leiden Saint Louis Psalter

Salvete Omnes,
ha, and there we have a very first post in the brand new calendar year of 2018.
We should go right back to the Magi and their journey ( still several days ahead of this sweetly warm holiday of gift-giving and celebrating the birth of Jesus) as portrayed in the noble medieval art while keeping up with the hipology theme.

So here we have this page from the Leiden Saint Louis Psalter - painted for Geoffrey, Archbishop of York in around 1190AD and later on used by young Saint Louis. The manuscript is presently kept at the Leiden University Library.

Magi - riding pacing horses, highly collected

Holy Family - Madonna and Child are riding a grey mule, as probably the monk-painter and his milieu could not fathom Madonna riding a donkey.  Note that Madonna and Child Jesus are riding side-saddle. The bridle is also very interesting, as we see here a curb-bit and a curb-chain or a chin-strap. 

and another horse from this Psalter, Joseph sold by his brothers is being taken to Egypt as a slave

images from Wiki Commons

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