Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Certamen Equestre - mounted drummers

Salve Friends and net travellers,
still hoovering over the Certamen equestre prints from Gallica, we can eject another interesting set of images from that set. Namely, the drummers that in the olden days always accompanied horse troops, especially the more expensive companies, like armoured knight banners, cuirassiers, or winged hussars - in Polish Kingdom one or more mounted drummers were  attached to the winged hussar banners (along with trumpeters), long after they shed the wings and most armour, while medium cavalry like the pancerni did not have normally any drummers, just trumpeters during 1750s-1770s.

Ad rem, Certamen esquestre prints allows us to see 4 different mounted drummers.  There are some interesting distinguishing aspects within the horse tack and the drums themselves - I invite you to study them and share with all of us here, in the comment section - :)

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