Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Epiphany Feast

 dear friends and fellow net travellers I wish y’all :) happy 'Los Reyes Magos' or Feast of Epiphany holiday

A beautiful 1420s AD altar piece by Gentile da Fabriano
reliquary chest from Cologne  - with horses

XVI century Flemish piece
Bruegel's piece
Dutch print

great XV century Italian horses, saddles and bridles el al in the above Genitle da Fabriano and these details of  Fra Angelico's & Filippo Lippi's Adoration of the Magi



Unknown said...

Dear Dariusz, I am really impressed of your materials, however you made one mistake in spelling the name Bruegel - should be first "u" followed by "e" - but it is a typical Polish mistake. I am not sure of the XVI century this engraves. I dare to say it was a later work, but about this I am not sure. Do you have some Albrecht Durer's works?

Dario T. W. said...

Thanks again - well it was really a typo 'type of mistake, but then true it is a spelling one, I have to admit that I do make them in addition to a fact that I use various browsers in my Linux computers and my spell-checkers seem to work strangely sometimes.
But I should have said that this was a painting by Jan, not Peter.. [both with a nickname 'the elder']

What do you mean about having Durer's works? In terms of horse art or religious representations etc.. I am not sure about the question - can you be more specific?
as per Durerm I admire his work, from drawings to watercolor, and love his woodcuts... we get to Albrecht one day soon

Unknown said...

It can be Jan not Peter analyzing stile of his work - especial way of showing people. Coming back to Durer - being his fun I read almost everything what he personally wrote. He wrote a diary from his journey to Ghent and Antwerp. There is an interesting remark of horses. when he with some friends had use them to came back on bare horseback -what surprised me a bit - he couldn't be too much experienced in horse riding- lived in a town:
"...From there we started early on Tuesday for Bommel on the Maas; there a great storm of wind overtook us and we hired some peasant horses and rode without saddles as far as Herzogenbusch, and I paid 1 florin for the journey by boat and horse."
and one more: "(December 3-14, 1520) On St. Barbara's Eve I traveled from Antwerp to Bergen-op- Zoom; I paid 2 stivers for the horse..."
Well, old materials are giving a lot very interesting pieces of information;-))

Dario T. W. said...

Thanks - very interesting episode about riding horses bareback - it rather shows that he was a skilled rider (especially with a storm or wind raging about) - Great catch!
That is so true, love the primary sources etc...