Monday, January 6, 2014

Peter Paul Rubens - Baroque horse head

I admire the art created by one of the greatest painters of all times, Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens.  I admire his work more than that of Rembrandt.
I guess it is the matter of taste, as the saying goes de gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est..

 Great drawing of a Baroque horse, saddled and bridled with a curb-bit, but curiously no stirrups nor reins.
Motivated by the winter weather around us I selected some horses from his paintings,  admirable portrayals of our equine companion.

Their bridles are  mostly with long-shanked curb-bits

 And this Pegasus :)

by the way - a beautiful representation of a Ottoman Turkish costume  in this portrait, and fantastic Persian (?) carpet beneath gentleman's feet

images from Wikimedia Commons - the first painting is titled Saint George and the Dragon, painted  1606-1610. 

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Unknown said...

Hi dear Dariusz, in the Peter Rubens' works one can see influence of that famous Leonardo's Fight of giants, what he copied. The other fun, I discovered, is the horses hairdo- showing some influence of the Baroque epoch;-))The hairs curled like in those wigs.