Friday, January 21, 2011

! Vivat Kielbasa !

 'The Saveur' magazine  announced that 'kielbasa'  is the most delicious of 100  foods selected and thus NUMERO UNO- vivat kielbasa!
My friend Waldi made us some fine Polish kielbasas and  other smoked meats* this season -see the delicious traditional foods :)
on the plate:

 and freshly from the smoke house:

made from the best organic Canadian (Quebecoise ) pork  - :), with organic casing etc.
would like to welcome new followers :)

...and an little quick sketch oil-like digital painting in MyPaint (thanks to all these MyPaint developers, especially Ramon Miranda, tanda, and David  Revoy fine blog and website )

and give links to some fine equine (horse) photography blogs:


Kadrinazi said...

Vivat :)
[pozdrawiam zagryzając kabanosem...]

Dario T. W. said...

Kabanosy, marchewki i ogorki kiszone, eh miam miam!

Jan said...

Polish sausages are great. I had some home made ones while visiting my girlfriend's family and I really wish I could buy something like that here. :(

Rampjaar said...

When I was in Poland 20 years ago, the sausages were just as expensive as a train ticket...