Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baroque painting - Philips Wouwerman continued

 I decided to add some details from his paintings showing tack and horse related activity, i.e., farrier at work. we have a scene of a blacksmith or farrier shoeing a grey horse,w while his assistant is working on a bay horse mouth. Note beautiful red leather saddle, not unlike Latin American and US cowboy horned saddles, on the grey horse, his rather small stature, and curb-bit with long shanks (partially obscured by a holding cavalier's hand)...

In this fragment of a multi-horse scene, we can see a nice 'gentling' saddle on a pinto horse, being trained in a rather large stable setting full of horses, goats, kids, dogs, and hens and roster (not shown here)
Here we have a scene of two soldiers vising a Gypsy, with know results of losing some money to the 'soothsayer'
Again we have a 3/4 view of a grey's red saddle, his long-shanked curb-bit and long stirrups.

*top image also shows a red saddle, perhaps in fashion amongst the soldiers?

Please note that in these and other paintings we see no black Frisians, and this painter painted mostly Dutch and Northern European horses of his day....

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