Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baroque painting - Peter Snayers

the students of the Polish Renaissance warfare know the famous painting of the battle of Kircholm and Polish readers of Michal Kadrinazi Blog  can read about the battle illustrated with good and detailed images taken from that painting. Pieter Snayers has a nice biography here and one can view many of his works here
I am more interested in the horses depicted in the master of battle Pieter Snayers' works and I made an image with horses from his various paintings. Flemish artist Snayers was definitely a painter of war horses or this tumultuous period in European history, the very horses that many horse-people (breeders, aficionados, and owners of Spanish and Frisian horses) and scholars call Baroque horses nowadays.
Well, you can see these horses in war and hunt on many canvases painted by master Pieter...

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