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Inwentarz - estate inventory - po nieboszczyku JeMPanu Stanisławie Stawskim

    here is this very interesting estate inventory of movables left by Stanislaw Stawski, cavalryman of the second half of the XVII  century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Published by a web user and practicing historian 'Miuti' here:
     Original writing was cleaned a bit by dear Miuti and it is very readable for a Polish reader,  at the link given above.
For my purposes, horses and horse tack, I will mention several interesting, horse related aspects of this estate inventory :
Written list of things left  by the deceased  Stanisław  Stawski, having served as a companion under the 'pancerni' ( as much as I want to use wikipedia, the entry in wikipedia on this subject is less than satisfactory) banner of Stefan  Bidziński (famous Polish horseman, cavalry commander and king Jan III Sobieski's confidant).

Horse tack:
rządzik za który dał nieboszczyk złotych dwieście ze wszystkim porządny, 
1. horse harness set (briddle, saddle, brestplate, crupper etc) paid by the deceased on the amount of 200 zloty and in all a fine one.
gończa uzdeczka nowa jedna, 
2. one 'hunting' bridle, new

3 kulbaka haftowana z olstrami haftowanymi z wojłokiem adamaszkiem podszytym, z pistoletów parą, bez płata jedna
 Kulbaka - Old Polish Eastern-style - war saddle, with pistol holsters embroidered, with a felt saddle banket covered with damask  wiki/Damask , also two pistols and this saddle was without a 'skirt,' one
4 drugich kulbak trzy,jedna nieboszczykowska, dwie czeladnych bez wojłoków,
 other{lesser quality?] 3 war-saddles, one of the deceased, two of the retainers' without felt [blankets]

namiot turecki zdobyczny porządny,
 Turkish tent, captured booty, and in good order


Koń gniady pocztowy zdechł.
 Bay horse, retainer's,   died
U chorągwi drugi także zdechł,
when with the banner/company, another of his horses (retainer's) also died
także i z drogi do domu idąc od chorągwii Jurkiewiczy klacz zdechła u chorągwi myszata,
another mare, grulla or mouse dun, died going home form the Jurkiewiczy banner,   died .
podjezdka jednego białego dano księdzu od pogrzebu a drugiego wronego co się zwał Bałwanem ukradziono. 
One gray/white rouncey [stallion or gelding] was given to the priest who had performed at the funeral, and the second black one known as 'Balwan' (Clown ?) was stolen.

Teraz do domu od chorągwi przyszli ale bardzo chude i znędznione, jeden cisawy od JeM Pana Marcina Stawskiegodrugi wrony, trzeci z tureckiej zdobyczy kary podjezdek.
 Now the horses  that finally have returned home from the banner/company but they are very thin and in poor condition, first a roan from Marcin Stawski (another companion), second raven black, third black from  the Turkish [war] spoils/booty

Source:  this registry comes from m the State Archive in Cracow, Wawel Castle division, part of the estate archive of 
Karol Wacław Larisch (1603) 1768- (1868).

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