Friday, August 27, 2010

Achaemenid Persian (and Median) cavalry in sketches

 Ushta te,
 I wold like to show you this composite image of several drawings of mine that are supposed to show the horsemen of the Achaemenid Persian Empire   .  the central figure has a kantush or kantus (Median robe  - you can learn more about their clothing form this article  )  like in these figures form the Oxus treasure                   ( wiki/Oxus_Treasure ) Gold_statuettes_from_the_Oxus_Treasure_by_Nickmard_Khoey.jpg  ).
They were done with pen and ink, watercolor and acrylics, and then  placed on one digital paper 'sheet' using GIMP.
They are not finished yet, there is lots of work to be done :) .They will become separate images in their own right... in the future :)

and another old drawing in process of digital painting
I have a drawing of a Oxus Treasure armored warrior's reconstruction but we will save for the next time, in September I hope.

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Kadrinazi said...

Nice lads, especially top right one on fist picture.