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Kossak - 1877 Lwow (Lemberg) Expo horses

Salvete Omnes,
a short entry -
I would like to bring to your attention two published prints from Tygodnik Ilustrowany (1878 - The Illustrated Weekly) that were intended to depict notable horse presented at the Lwow (then Lemberg, Austrian Partition or the invented by the Austrians  Galicia & Lodomeria) Provincial Expo in 1877AD.
The drawings for these two plates were done from life by one of my favorite Polish artists of all times - Juliusz Kossak.

The plates were published the following year and did no have any more text or description but the small print at the bottom of each plate.

First Plate - 

the horses depicted above with the owner's name:

a- Percheron horse- by count Alfred Potocki

b-Ardennais, stallion & mare -  by prince Adam Sapieha

c- Ksiaze, konik zmudzinek aka Samogitian stallion, by Teofil Ostaszewski

d-Tarant (spotted horse aka Appaloosa ) and srokacz(Paint) - by Oczosalski

e- carriage mares - by count Willhelm Sieminski

f- peasant horses - by Forczyk, a farmer from Stare Siolo village

g- horses- by Kazimierz Szeliski


Second Plate -

the horses depicted:

a- Gulda, part-Arabian mare - by Trzeciak

b-Obeyan & Partyzant - Arabians - by prince Heronim Lubomirski

c-Tarant - by Sozanski

d-Suliman, young stallion or colt by Hulimek?

e-Granat - English Thoroughbred stallion - by count Stefan Zamoyski

f-Hajdamak, stallion- by Siemiginiowski

g- 3 mares - by count Juliusz Dzieduszycki

h- a stallion - by count Waclaw Baworowski


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