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Kon polski - Old Polish Horse kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Salvete omnes,
back to Old Poland -
here we have this fine AD 1617 print (also a colored print ) of Mons Calvarie by Georg Braun, Abraham Hogenberg & Anton Hierat that shows us a view of the famous monastery and  cult center  Kalwaria Zebrzydowska situated by Lanckorona that had been founded and established by voivode of Krakow Mikolaj Zebrzedowski, Radwan coat of arms, in AD 1602. It was modeled after Golgotha(Calvary) near the walls of Jerusalem.
mosci Mikolaj Zebrzydowski, herbu Radwan/Radwan Coat of Arms

 In my research the figures in the left corner are the most interesting, since these are depicting a nobleman with his retinue and horses - presumably his fine Polish horses. Note the page boy carrying his lord's arming sword, the image quite popular in iconography and descriptions of Polish noblemen.
Polish horses
note the high saddle and reins being untied in retainer's hand, also the page boy

Polish horses were often described as spirited

noble? retainer on horseback

print contains a cartouche with Pope Paul V portrait

Add caption

 also a caption with  Saint Michael
the description of Mikolaj Zebrzydowski's titles and the founder by his virtue

Finally the Zebrzydowski castle of Lanckorona, that was famous during the Old Poland tumultuous history, especially during the Zebrzydowski confederacy, the Deluge, and during the Bar Confederacy.
Lanckorona Castle

 nota bene a nice print from 1902 showing the monastery etc.

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