Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Sparta of Helena Schrader

Salvete Omnes,
my old acrylic illustration of a Spartan - published by Infort Editions in Poland

Dr. Helena Scharder's works figure often in this blog - Kiria (Greek for Mrs) Helena published several articles on Sparta on her blog, including one today - Removing the Roman Mask.

I grew up learning and reading about the famous Spartan king and Spartan values. I used to have a friend in college who is a Spartan Greek (modern).
I made my 'pilgrimage' to Thermopylae in Greece and visited the site of ancient Sparta in modern Peloponnese, Greece.

 So I wholeheartedly welcome Mrs Schrader's research and work, and as it seems usual with her research and analysis she stands against the popular knowledge and opinion, i.e, on the ancient Spartans of the archaic and classical ears.

  Finally I purchased and have started reading her novels devoted to Leonidas (from Amazon). Volume 1 is currently on my reading device - :), while vol. 2 is in the kindle storage, so to speak.
In the past I read not a few novels on the ancient Sparta, some of the written by Polish writers (I used to like the cycle about Agis III to Cleomenes III and the end of the independent Sparta during the Macedonian hegemony of Hellas). Also, if you have not read I strongly encourage you to read the series of historical novels written by Christian Cameron, centered on the Persian Wars - under the title Killer of Men, the story of Arimnestos of Platea.

And always one can read or listen to the Grandfather of History - Herodotos.


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