Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Brand New 2019 - Evgeny Kray nomads

Salvete Omnes,
so we have crossed into 2019 - by by 2018 -:)
I would like to start with a link to quite spectacular page - of Evgeny Kray, Russian illustrator who has been reconstructing the ancient Eurasian nomads.
Here is the link to his VK page (including wall photos  and album showing his drawings based on Scythian kurgan of Kul-Oba artefacts).
a Skithian feast, North Pontic V-IV c BC

above and below some of the plates - with all of quite evident errors in horse anatomy etc   - while the costume and armory is his own reconstruction.
Kimmerian vs Skithian north Caucasus VII c BC
Skithian Amazon warrior - north Pontic IVc BC
Sarmatian - Kuban steppe, III-II c BC
Sarmatina, Filipovka Kurgan
Meothic horseman - Kuban region
Sarmatian from Bosporan Kingdom and a wounded Skithian - III c BC
There are many questions and few answers, but this is one giant step into the visualization of the ancient Eastern European warriors and their horse tack.

Photo by Edward S. Curtis - great American photographer who immortalized the warrior horsemen of the Great Plains
I think , bah, I feel and have felt for a long time there is a connection between the ancient nomads of our Eurasian steppes and the mounted Indians of the Americas. I have been studying both over all these years.

all Skudra images(and description) are copyright of Mr Evgeny Kray.

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