Monday, January 28, 2019

illustrations for Bitwa pod Sołchatem 22 VI 1434

Salvete Omnes,
a quick one this morning - 
 I would like to introduce another illustration of mine that has been published in Poland this month.

I painted this illustration for a book titled BITWA POD SOŁCHATEM 22 VI 1434 published by Infort Editions (part of the series Pola Bitew - Battlefields ).

This work, I have not read it yer as I am awaiting the printed copy,  deals with the XV century conflict in the Crimean Peninsula that resulted in a battle of Solkhat  (Stari Krym in Crimea) AD 1434, fought between the budding Crimean Tatar state and the Genoese troops from the Crieman colonies of the Genoa Republic,(incidentally the Italians hab been involved in slave trade, selling mostly orthodox Christians to the West, only the intervention of the Polish Kingdom stopped that horrible trade in human flesh, but they were stilltrading with the Ottomans etc) the work has been authored by Dmitrij Seliwerstow (Seliverstov- Д.А. Селиверстов ) from Russia and translated into Polish for this first edition.

I used MyPaint, GIMP and Krita ..
nota bene there is more to come of the Tatars and other warriors, God willing.

Książkę można zakupić tutaj - Wanax.

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