Monday, June 20, 2011

Two Paintings by Jerzy Kossak showing winged hussars

I would like to share with you thess two paintings by Polish painter Jerzy Kossak , of old Kossak family from Cracow-Krakow, who painted during the first half of XX century, mostly horses, portraits and military subjects eg pinakoteka.zascianek Jerzy Kossak 
 These two paintings show winged hussars in battle, astride their splendid steeds. about to go into the inferno of  fighting; especially the second painting  narrates the beginning of fateful charge by  a  single hussar banner  against the entire Osmanli Turkish cavalry in front of their camp at Vienna. The charge proved that mass cavalry assault would be possible and thus king John III Sobieski ordered the entire cavalry - 20,000 - to charge the Turkish forces down the slopes.
 Battle of  Chocim Anno Domini 1673 chocim_1673

Battle of Vienna Anno Domini 1683, siege_of_Vienna  or  imperfect article  on wikipedia-Battle_of_Vienna

sorry for the poor quality of these photos

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