Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crimean Tatars sketches continued

 it has been a nice dry Spring thus far and I am busy with horses :), riding, sketching and lately learning to train them.
A while back I 'published' this post on the Crimean Tatar sketches -  - I have made some progress that I would like to share with you:

The  sketch above is based on a watercolour drawing made after mural paintings once located at the castle of Podhorce( freshly edited entry at ), by the will of Joseph Stalin now in Ukraine, while near another old castle town of Podhajce  (some 90 km directly south of Podhorce - map here ) many battles were fought, including the last  major battle ( victorious for the Commonwealth) that took place between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth forces and those of the Crimean Tatars in AD 1698 (at this time the article at Wikipedia is less than miserable)

 In this older drawing I had to correct the placement of the bowcase and painted a covering on the arrow quiver (known in Poland under the Tatar name of 'taftuj').
More to come...

I would like to  welcome the new  followers of this blog,  - ''Witajcie '' :)


Robotopp said...

Where do you get all the information from, or better put: where do you find it? The drawings look great, keep up the good work!

M.P. said...


wykorzystałem w swojej karcie postaci do Dzikich Pól Pańską ilustrację, niestety za późno zorientowałem się o jej autorstwie( Chciałbym jednak prosić o zgodę na jej wykorzystanie. W razie odmowy natychmiast wykasuję ją z mojego bloga. Z góry przepraszam za kłopot.

Łączę wyrazy szacunku,

Dario T. W. said...


TOM - old paintings, drawings, prints; Russian, Polish and other artists' work (here especially Brandt, Gorelik etc) accounts of war and travel; books on costume and arms & armour etc. Thank you for your kind comment!

M.P. -
...moge dac zgode, nich bedzie w uzyciu, czemu nie; ale chcialbym wiedziec - kom ja daje? Wiec jesli laska napisz mi email na moj email, i bedziemy obydwaj zadowoleni :)