Thursday, June 30, 2011

Traditionally some Persians of the pre-Islamic era

long weekend ahead of us here in the US, so I am sharing more of my work with y'all :) 
Since I love ancient Persian history then two sketches of Persians of the pre-Islamic era...
Achaemenid period (perhaps :) )

A Sassanian, but I think I am going to add here a second horse and change his hands position, add more adornments on his tunic and some necklaces etc
The horse chest covers I sort of took from the plate in Kaveh Farrokh's book ''Sassanian Elite Cavalry AD 224-642,'' but now I think the chest covers belong the the Acheamenid period, based on the clay rhytons discovered  in Susa showing saddled and covered horses circa VI century BC.

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