Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another sketch by Jerzy Kossak & Circassian mailed cavalrymen


I found another sektch by Jerzy Kossak, painter I mentioned yesterday, showing winged hussars and a 'pancerny' (mailed) cavalryman of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Nota benethe horses here have unmistakable Arabian descent, especially the bay stallion in the foreground. Please note that in  XIX and XX centurie photographs and  paintings Circassian (Adyge) and Khevsur ( wikipedia Khevsureti )warriors looked very similar to the pancerny Polish-Lithuanian cavalrymen
Similar subject in Jozef Brandt's art  pinakoteka zascianek Brandt

Circassians in Aleksander Orłowski's art  pinakoteka zascianek Orlowski :

In Sir William Allan painting - note the horse and his furniture, this is XIX century painting by a Scotish painter who visited the Caucasus mountains  wikipedia William Allan painter

Photos of Circassians and Khevsur from before the Bolshevik Revolution

And the ''real McCoy'' - XVII century image of such 'pancerny' ''towarzysz'' (companion)

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Kadrinazi said...

Those drawings by Orlowski looks great!