Thursday, June 30, 2011

My old interest - Woodland Indian cultures pre-1815

this post is not about horses and horsemen, but about my older interests, namely the American Woodland Indians and their culture  of the so called Old Northwest, especially the Shawnee people, and about my plan to publish here my old senior projdect titled ''Wolves of the Middle Ground - Shawnee confederacies against the aglo-Americans  1774-1795.'' I wrote this project when I studied history at the SUNY college in upstate New York, part of my Bachelor of Arts requirement.
The project is some 120 pages long, includes maps and drawings and I shall post several chapters here on the warfare and war customs of the Woodland Indians
I did some sketches back then to add to the text, and I may rework them yet (did not know the work of Robert Griffing and others back then  frontier/griffing , but here I hope you will enjoy some pen and ink old sketches.


westleywu88 said...

Great sketches, Woodland Indians have a long time interest of mine.

Dario T. W. said...

Hi there,
thank you for visiting my blog - in a couple of days I will post some more sketches and finished illustration of the Metacomet War period.