Thursday, June 24, 2010

Klushino - a new English language text by dr. Radek Sikora

Let it be my pleasure to attach here a link to my friend Radek Sikora, already a 'doctor'  :)  or Ph.D.,  newest English language and the best researched  'take' on the Klushino battle - please do enjoy Klushino

And above and bellow  my own sketches based on the XVII century work of pan Józef Naronowicz-Naroński drawing of a Russian/Muscovy streletz version of the infantry field anti-cavalry defense. The second sketch intends to show   a post-hussar charge view of   horse casualties  inflicted  by these 'kobylice' (cheval de frise) - name used by our  Polish military scholar, Naronowicz-Naroński in his "Architektura militaris, to jest budownictwo wojenne" ,  published in the XVII century.


Kadrinazi said...

That second picture is very sad but I guess very true - after all in so many battles losses amongst horses were so high...

Dario T. W. said...

well, I would say we often seem to forget but war where horses were present was always gory and brutal.
I am working on a color version of this drawing, but it will not be for display on a blog, too brutal perhaps
Michale, thanks for you comment!

Kadrinazi said...

Yeah, so many good horses were killed during battles or lost during campaigns due to sickness, wounds, etc. Our nobles love them so much that quite often mentioned losses of horses alongside losses of retainers - quite surprising for 21st century man but I can see their point here ;)
Well, I guess You right that color version could be too brutal to display but, after all, it was sad reality of war, we shouldn't forget about it.