Sunday, June 27, 2010

Late XV century Serbian hussar

the forefather of the Polish winged hussars - a Serbian hussar, who has a Turkish sabre, Balkan shield, Turkish helmet, and Turkish mace.
I intend to add a horse, wings on the shield,  and a lance later -
in GIMP  dario fecit :)


Samuel said...

Great work Dario!

If I may, I would like to ask a similar question as Kadrinazi did in your XVIII c. hussar picture: What sources did you use as a basis for this splendid work ?

I especially like the szabla. There is a similar piece preserved in a Hungarian museum dated around 1500 (albeit sporting a somewhat different crossguard):

Interestingly it also has an etching of a hussar on its scabbard (note the ending of the lance, it seems it already has the ball designed for counter balance):

The dagger also looks intriguing, it seems to have the Veneto-Balkan/Hungarian style of pommel (Does any actual historical example exist?)

Not sure about the conical helmet though (seems like the precursor to the Szyzak-proper , with cheek-pieces and all..) Personally I haven't seen any period art depicting Racz-style horsemen with them. Orza painting shows that only Muscovites wore them ,while PLC hussars have a variety of headgear (most often the typical Balkan fur hat), in fact some of the commanders seem to be without any head-wear at all..

Again thanks very much for posting these, some fine pictures indeed!

Kind Regards,

P.S: Nice moustache btw ;) (presumably after the Turkish fashion), some early hussar also had longer beards (and not only the older commander-types); in fact some resemble the warriors-saints from the various orthodox (usually Serbian)frescoes :)

Dario T. W. said...

I am in Poland for the Klushino event in Warsaw, so when I return I will respond in more depth to your inquiry, I hope.
thanks for your response as usually with so much delightful detail :)

Samuel said...

Have fun then!


Unknown said...

Regards to both of you, I love the relations we had back in medival times, i would like if you both to read this about Serbian ruler who was known as best knight in Europe and first knight in Order of Dragon...

Dario T. W. said...

hi Bobby - :)
thanks for commenting -
Serbians are our brothers. I have to read some about Stefan Lazarevic