Sunday, June 21, 2020

Antonin Mercié - equestrian sculpture etc

Salvete Omnes,
a short entry - it is all abut the beauty and our need for beauty in our public spaces and daily lives as defined by Roger Scruton , for we live in the age of barbarians and critical theorists of post-culture hogwash, their children being ISIS & Taliban in the Middle East and Central Asia or BLM, anarchists or Antifa(and hwho knows who else?) of the present protests and riots in US and UK.
as least in France, where they have had enough of riots and protests and barbarian destruction like lately in Dijon, they declared that nobody will be removing any sculptures that are part of their history and heritage.

ad rem,

on the fabulous art of Antonin Mercie - a French sculptor, disciple of Alexandre Falguière and François Jouffroy, famous French artists.
With Jean-Marie Mengue, Laurent Marqueste, Victor Segoffin, Auguste Seysses, and some others  he was part of the art group ''lesToulousains.''
so below please find some of his works -  there is wiki gallery with many more photos-


on the general Robert Lee's monument I will do another post

Gloria Victis


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