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Jean de Feschal - late medieval treatise

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while 'talking' about the medieval and early modern hinged-bits on one of the Facebook groups I was pointed to a manuscript by a French lare Medieval or early modern hippologist chevalier Jean (Jehan) de Feschal,  - Traité d'Hippiatrique .
 ''De nombreuses inscriptions dans une écriture cursive du XVIe siècle (peut-être plusieurs mains) sont présentes dans le manuscrit.''
so, the author of Gallica information on this manuscript seems to ponder the difficulty with precisely pinpointing the year this family manuscript was produced, and indicates that the writing style belongs to the XVI century style and there are various hands present, thus might have been more writers to this folio.
It is accessible for viewing and/or download on Gallica - French National Libary.

it may be interesting to search and find out which Jehan de Freschal  it might have been - as there were at least two Jean de Feschal(separated by more than 2-4 or more  generations?) two of this family: I found
1. Jean, seigneur de Ture et de Bourgon,
2. Jean du Feschal, seigneur de Marbouë & du Gripon, capitaine du château de Caen.
and the coat of arms shown in the manuscript shows that this family branch was entitled to use the coat of arms of the Montecler one on their escutcheon-  more about this Le Mains family of de Feschal  see here
The manuscript has more than 160 pen and ink and watercolor images of various bits.
Among them this interesting  bit for la gineta/jineta.(view 70 on Gallica)


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